Why Choose Me?


     I strive to be the best I can be in my profession because real estate is more than just listing and showing a house.  The education level required to be competent is one thing.  The level to be effective is a much higher bar.  

     I don't sell homes, or condos, or land, or even commercial properties.  I help people move on to the next stage of their life . . . and real estate happens to be one of the keys to them accomplishing that goal.  That is my guiding philosophy.  I always remember that while I do this every day the majority of my clients have a transaction about once a decade, if that.  It is part of my job to educate my clients so that we can minimize any hassles that may come up and try to head off as many as we can ahead of time.

     Ever notice all that "alphabet soup" after a Realtor's name?  Those are our industry designations.  I do not list all of mine because, while the knowledge is important to you having a successful transaction, the "soup" is meaningless if they are abbreviations for classifications you do not know.  

     When you look at my profile or card you will find two that I think you'll find important.  "Managing Broker" is a designation that indicates I have taken 90 hours of additional schooling and passed my tests to be able to run my own office.  I do not run an office, but I have the skill set to do it.  The second designation is "GRI," which stands for Graduate Realtor Institute.  This is obtained from taking three 30 hour course blocks above and beyond the 90 clock hours necessary to get the real estate license.

     I take additional education every year to hone my skills and to keep up with the latest legal and technical changes in the industry.  It is my way of offering you the best opportunity for a stress-free transaction.

    I believe in giving back to my community and my association.  I am a past-president of Nor'Wester Rotary and still involved in the club and in community service.  I am the current president of the local Realtor Association.  I serve on the Chamber of Commerce board, as well.  

     I take a portion of my commissions and build concrete, self-composting toilets in a small village in Togo, Africa.  Each toilet built provides greater sanitation for the village  - one family at a time -  and keeps pollutants from entering the ground water.  It also helps the local economy a bit.

      I have been in business for over a decade and am considered by my clients to be quite good.  Please check my "Testimonials" pages for more on that.   If you are looking for a professional . . . dedicated to satisfying your wants and needs, please call or email me. 

I'm thrilled to announce I've also completed the required training to be a SRES Realtor - which means I can help both buyers and sellers over the age of 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, refinancing , or selling the family home. So I can help ME as well as you.