Good Job!

"Good Job! Smoother than expected. Will use Doc again."

- Paul, Port Angeles, WA

In Control!

"I especially appreciated the pre-inspection prior to listing the property - helped me set expectations and feel in control during price negotiations."

- Ursula, Seattle, WA

Thank You, Thank You!

"We truly appreciated your patience and thoroughness. This place is our Dream Home!"

- Becky and John, Port Angeles, WA

Appreciated Doc's Unique Benefits

"I felt comfortable with Doc immediately. The process was clearly explained. He offered help and advice on a number of things that helped get the house sold. The Realtor's inspection was a great help in giving us a 'heads up' on things that needed to be addressed prior to showing the house."

- Nadine, Port Angeles, WA

Found the Perfect Home and More

"Doc is an excellent Realtor:energetic, well organized, 'in tune with the times' -- up on the latest information, extremely flexible and patient. He is a 'possibilities' person who uses his creative thought processing to its greatest advantage. . . . We feel like we have a new friend. Thank you for giving us the 'best' of service."

- Martha & Gary, Port Angeles, WA

Invaluable Help

"Your help was invaluable and your knowledge and dedication to providing the best service was second to none. We thank you very much and look forward to your services in any future Realtor needs. Absolutely (use you again). Wouldn't trust anyone else."

- Dave & Wendy, Port Angeles, WA

Vacation Home Owner

"My performance survey asks my clients to rate my service on a scale of 1 - 10. Mrs. R.K. wrote:

Please note: I appear to be fixated on #10 but I sincerely feel - when an agent goes well beyond the duty of a Real Estate Agent they deserve the top rating."

- Mrs. Ruth K., Fresno, CA

Repeat Investor Client

"Another great professional job that exceeded my expectations. Thanks for going far and above average. Your attention to details and going the extra mile was awesome. Thanks again for all your great support, patience and understanding."

- Mr. Greg S., Sequim, WA

Tough Transaction Resolved

"We feel Doc had our best interest at heart. Doc is honest and we would recommend Doc to anyone. Doc knows his business."

- John & Ellen K., Port Angeles, WA

Repeat Home Buyer

"Doc always goes the 'extra mile' for me. He is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate and delivers superior service. I wouldn't think of using any other agent because there is no one better."

- Mr. Tracy M., Port Angeles, WA

Home Buyer and Investor

"Doc, you go well beyond just being a Realtor offering help well beyond what would be expected. Thanks for all you've done for our family."

- Mr. John M., Port Angeles, WA

Retiring Professionals Relocating

"As relatively inexperienced home buyers we really appreciated all the information you gave us about the process, and your willingness to answer our questions. You were very good at filling us in with additional info at every step of the process. . . . We had high expectations because you came highly recommended, and yes, you met those expectations. We appreciated you giving us various options and realized it was important for us to do comparison shopping with several lenders - that saved us a lot of money."

- Ms. Helen A. & Mr. David P., Port Angeles, WA

Relocating to Port Angeles

"You were terrific and made the process easy. Thanks for everything!"

- Ms. Megan M. & Mr. Andrew H., Tucson, AZ

Discerning Buyers

"May all your hard work and community service involvement bring you and your family health and happiness in the Holiday Season and in the year to come. Thanks for all your help with our long quest for a house. We are probably not the easiest people to work with and you did an outstanding job."

- Terri & Bruce R., Port Angeles, WA

Long Distance Seller

"Your services to me were considerable. You compensated for the distance challenges I faced. You performed, 'exceeding expectations."

- Mr, Gary M., Millcreek, WA

Did not sell

"I felt your prep work and pricing were first cabin. . . . All in all I thought you gave it a good shot. Our lack of gaining a 'sold' category was the market and no fault of your efforts."

- Mr. Bob B., Port Angeles, WA

Lessons Learned

"Buying our house took a lot longer than expected due to septic issues! Every thing Doc advised turned out to save us from a disaster later, and every thing he advised us not to do and we did anyway hurt us in the end. Doc went above and beyond what he needed to. We love our new house and would probably still be looking if not for him."

- Jen & Nick B., Port Angeles, WA

Not What They Expected

"I listed a particularly difficult to market property with Doc several months ago. In working on the details of the sale, Doc realized it would be better if we kept the property and developed it. He went as far as discussing the development with the local planning department and then contacted me with the details and made a convincing pitch to us NOT to sell. Doc's commitment to serving his clients is commendable and appreciated. . . . We could not have picked a better agent!!"

- Mr. Brent J., Port Angeles, WA

Estate Sale Can Be Difficult

"There were delays in the former owners allowing us to have access to the house, but these delays were not in any way attributed to you; on the contrary, you were largely responsible for gaining access. The seller procrastinated and failed to act promptly and responsibly. You were able to get reluctant and poorly willing to be cooperative. It was your intercession that brought the sale to a conclusion."

- Mr. Bob K., Port Angeles, WA

Out of Area Buyers

"Your enthusiastic response to our initial phone call was the start of a positive & rewarding real estate hunt. You know the area, geographically and have a great community awareness. You offer to sell not only parcels of land or houses but also the community from which you spring. Thanks!

- Richard A. & Jeanne L., Port Angeles, WA