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There are advantages to small town living.  If you are familiar with them, well that is probably why you are looking at Port Angeles.  If not, allow me a moment to tell you a bit about what may be the best place in America to live and raise a family.

      This town is unique.  Port Angeles has a colourful history.  The town was designed by Congress back in Lincoln's day and was considered a place to move the nation's capital if the South won the Civil War.  It's first government official was a crook who embezzled government funds and used blackmail to acquire properties.  

     The town has gone through many changes since it was first founded, but the personality has pretty much remained the same.  People here help each other and work together.  It is that character of being resilient that has enabled Port Angeles to survive a history of ups and downs.  Some times the setbacks were humourous.  At one point years ago, there was only one five dollar bill in town.  It was counterfeit. . . and everyone knew it.  But no one wanted to turn it in and lose the five bucks, so it just kept getting passed around until some one could afford the loss.

     Years ago a large paper mill shut down and about 400 people lost their jobs.  In a city like Seattle that might have gone unnoticed.  Here it meant the loss of jobs for about two percent of the people in town.  Some said it would have a devastating effect but within six months the majority of folks had found new occupations and the town kept pressing on.

     We are a small town but we have a great community spirit and there is much here and far more to discover than what initially meets the eye.  Arts, culture, sports, outdoor adventures, abundant wildlife and business all thrive here.  The Port Angeles of today is vibrant, exciting, and has amenities most small and mid-sized communities do not have.  So thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy your journey.  And if there is something you do not find here, please feel free to let me know what you want and I will provide it for you.


Doc Reiss Awarded Certified Residential Specialist Designation!


Doc Reiss of Port Angeles, Washington, has been awarded the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation by the Council of Residential Specialists, the largest not-for-profit affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®.

REALTORS® who receive the CRS Designation have completed advanced professional training and demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in residential real estate.  Only 29,000 REALTORS® nationwide have earned the credential.
Home buyers and sellers can be assured that CRS Designees subscribe to the strict REALTOR® code of ethics, have been trained to use the latest tactics and technologies, and are specialists in helping clients maximize profits and minimize costs when buying or selling a home.
Doc Reiss is a Managing Broker with Town & Country Real Estate.  He is a member of the Port Angeles Association of Realtors (and current president), Graduate Realtor® Institute, a member and past-president of Nor'Wester Rotary, board member of the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and actively involved in community service in Port Angeles and charity work in Africa.
Said Reiss, "CRS Designation REALTORS® are the top three-percent of the REALTORS® in the U.S.  I strive to be the best for those I serve and this is something I have worked on for the past couple years to achieve.  I am proud to be able to offer this expertise."
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